Raccoon Removal and Animal Control – Are They Dangerous?

Raccoons are fascinating creatures that have adapted well to urban and suburban environments. While they can be cute and seemingly harmless, raccoons can pose certain risks when they come into close proximity to humans. Consequently, raccoon removal and animal control services are often sought to address these potential dangers. One of the primary concerns with raccoons is their potential for transmitting diseases. Raccoons can carry parasites, bacteria and viruses that can be harmful to humans and pets. One well-known example is rabies, a viral disease that affects the nervous system and can be fatal if left untreated. Although rabies is relatively rare among raccoons, the risk of transmission exists, especially if a raccoon bites or scratches a person or pet. Other diseases associated with raccoons include leptospirosis, roundworm and raccoon roundworm, which can cause serious health issues.

Raccoon Removal Service

Another risk factor associated with raccoons is their potential for property damage. Raccoons are highly adaptable and intelligent creatures that can wreak havoc in and around homes. They are skilled climbers and can easily access attics, chimneys and crawl spaces, where they may establish nests. Once inside, raccoons can cause extensive damage by chewing on wires, tearing insulation and even creating holes in walls and ceilings. Their feces and urine can also contaminate the area, leading to unpleasant odors and potential health hazards. Raccoons are also notorious for rummaging through garbage cans and creating messes in search of food. This behavior not only causes annoyance to homeowners but can also attract other pests, such as rats and insects, to the area. Additionally, raccoons are known to raid gardens, damaging crops and plants in the process. Attempting to remove raccoons without professional assistance can be dangerous. Raccoons can become aggressive when cornered or feel threatened, especially if they are protecting their young. They have sharp claws and teeth that can cause serious injuries if they feel the need to defend themselves. Furthermore, raccoons may carry parasites like fleas and ticks, which can transfer to humans and pets during direct contact.

Due to the potential risks associated with raccoons, it is advisable to seek professional raccoon removal in boerne and animal control services. Trained experts have the knowledge, experience and equipment to safely and effectively handle raccoon infestations. They employ humane techniques to trap and remove raccoons from residential areas, minimizing harm to both humans and the animals. In conclusion, while raccoons may appear harmless and cute, they can pose various risks to humans and their property. Diseases, property damage and potential physical harm are all valid concerns when dealing with raccoons. Seeking professional raccoon removal and animal control services is the safest and most effective way to mitigate these risks and ensure the well-being of both humans and raccoons.